Capri and Ischia

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Capri, the Blue Island, lschia, the Green Island. Together with Procida, Vivara and Nisida, they constitute the archipelago of Campania.

Most people associate Capri with the Piazzetta, the remains of Imperial Rome, the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni.  However, Capri also has a more hidden side, that of via Tragara, an ancient Roman road along which you can find the homes of the likes of Rilke and Neruda which ends on the panoramic terrace of Punta Tragara.

Ischia, one of the most important and elegant spa destinations in the world, is an Island of wellbeing and relaxation but also a throwback to ancient eras including the Neolithic age, several of whose traces it still retains intact. 

Both islands offer a unique setting for meetings, congresses, team building, incentive and events.

Check out our “Team building Experience” options and choose from among one of the 3 activities proposed by the editorial staff of Italianvenue: "The real torta caprese", "Barmen in the Piazzetta", "Pottery workshop in Ischia".

Capri and Ischia rise majestically amidst the blue of the sky and the emerald green colour of the sea. Monuments to the infinite beauty of Italy.

Search on italianvenue all convention center and locations in Capri.

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Links and public transport

No Airport

Neither of the islands have their own airport. The nearest airport is the International hub of Capodichino.

Neither of the islands have their own railway stations.
They can be reached:

  • via sea from Naples and Sorrento and, in summer, also from Salerno
  • via air, thanks to a helicopter transfer service from major Italian cities, provided by SAM Elicotteri, Via Olmo, 24, Bellizzi (SA) - Tel. 00390828354155

Ports and tourist landing stages

  • Marina Grande in Capri
  • Ischia
  • Forio  tourist port in Ischia
  • Lacco Ameno tourist port in Ischia

Local Transport

In Capri:

  • A minibus service run by ATC, which runs from the port to the Piazzetta and from Capri to Anacapri. Can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 passengers.
    Via Acquaviva, 2, Capri – Tel. 00390818370420
  • A funicular that connects Marina Grande to Capri. This service is provided by Sippic,  Via Acquaviva, 6, Capri – Tel. 00390818370420

In Ischia:

  • A service that operates 18 routes and 18 buses run by EAVBUS.
    Via Michele Mazzella, 127, Ischia - Tel. 003908119800119
    On this Island you can also hire a trap driven by horses or ponies. A romantic, slightly retrò way of enjoying the magnificent views and the slow rhythms of this small paradise overlooking the sea.  

Ticket Purchase

Tickets for public transport can be purchased from newsstands, bars and authorized tobacconists.
For information regarding rates and season tickets (also for tourists), visit

To find a taxi:

  • Capri, 00390818370543
  • Ischia, 00393398858674 – 00393358256089
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  • The real torta caprese

    Famed throughout the world as one of the most delicious chocolate cakes of its kind, the “Caprese” seduces everyone on account of its authentic flavour. A cooking lesson on the preparation of this sweet treat is transformed into a fierce team building activity, especially since the prize at stake is a dinner at Capri’s most prestigious restaurant. Preparation starts with mixing the butter, which has been softened at room temperature, and the sugar in a bowl. After which, egg yolks, grated almonds, melted chocolate and egg whites, whipped until they are firm, are added. The cake is baked for 45 minutes and if the instructions given by the pastry maker have been carefully followed, one team has the chance of winning a truly memorable dinner.
  • Barmen in the Piazzetta

    Officially known as Piazza Umberto I, Capri locals affectionately refer to it as ''a chiazz". For the rest of the world it is known as “la piazzetta”, the famous square frequented by artists, actors and jet-setters in the ‘60’s. This famous square is surrounded by bars with small wicker tables at which all those passing through Capri sit. To be at the centre of attention and possibly even more fawned over than a VIP ordering a cocktail, the ideal option is to take a short, though intense course as a barman, learning how to make four basic drinks as well as an excellent espresso and a delectable cup of cappuccino. Hence the members of the team building activity hone their skills as barmen in one of the most glamorous contexts par excellence. Considering the stress and the fact that this isn’t a real profession, the team that satisfies the clientele’s requests best and gets the fewest complaints wins the prize!
  • Pottery workshop in Ischia

    Famed for its clay pits, Ischia has a time-honoured artisan tradition in pottery making. Following a visit to a factory boasting five centuries of tradition, participants create pieces of enamelled pottery. Under the supervision of a master pottery maker, the teams learn how to spread the white enamel on a vase which is then decorated using the ancient “spolvero” technique involving designing the decoration to be reproduced on translucent paper, pricking the outlines with a needle, laying it on the vase and then dusting it with a piece of cloth sack filled with charcoal powder. The outline left by the powder is retraced using a paint brush and then coloured. After being heated to a high temperature, the vase will be ready to be judged and the winner announced. It will then be taken home as a souvenir and tangible proof of this stimulating team building experience.

Art and Culture

Antique traces and ruins, the passage of emperors, writers and poets who have left their indelible mark,  blend in harmoniously with a breathtaking natural backdrop of rare beauty. Two of Europe’s favourite island getaways for more than 2,000 years, enthralling a cast of characters ranging from Roman emperors to 21st century luminaries and A-listers. Both Capri and Ischia are immersed in lush Mediterranean vegetation (olives, vineyards and flowers] encircled by emerald waters. Steeped in the most glorious history and suspended in time, you will be awed by the beauty of these magnificent holiday destinations, causing you to lose your sense of reality in the name of art, culture and nature.

  • Church of San Costanzo, Capri

    Dedicated to the patron and protector of the Island, it is the most ancient Catholic Church in Capri. Built in the 5th century, it was initiated on the ruins of a Roman building from the Late Republican era.
    Web site
  • Old Cathedral of Santo Stefano, Capri

    Capri’s principal house of worship, it is located at the top of the flight of steps in the famous Piazzetta. Designed by Neapolitan architect Francesco Antonio Picchiatti, who also designed other buildings in piazza San Domenico Maggiore in Naples, it was built on the site of a 6th century Benedictine convent, being finally completed between 1688 and 1695.
  • Church of San Michele alla Croce, Capri

    Better known as Chiesa della Croce, it is a small, modest building surrounded by a high perimeter wall and set in beautiful Mediterranean gardens. Situated just steps away from the junction of Via Tiberio and Via Matermania, the church is open to the public for religious services only.
  • Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri

    Lying close to the Piazzetta and nestling between Castiglione and Monte Tuoro, it is one of the most important historic constructions on the Island. Built in 1371 at the behest of Count Giacomo Arcucci, secretary to Joan I, Queen of Naples, it was damaged several times due to the incursions of pirates in the 6th century.
  • Cattedrale dell'Assunta, Ischia

    A Cathedral of popular origin, it was built by the people of Ischia following the volcanic eruption of Arso (1301) to compensate for the void left by the pre-existing cathedral on the Island. The new building is superimposed over a chapel which now serves as a crypt. Its period of maximum splendour dates back to the Renaissance and, in particular, 1509, the year in which the wedding between Vittoria Colonna and Ferrante d'Avalos, marquis of Pescara, was celebrated here.
  • Chiesa del Soccorso, Ischia

    The Church of Soccorso, from which the small promontory takes its name, it situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Dedicated to Santa Maria della neve, this house of worship, together with the Torrione, is the symbol of the town of Forio and is one of the most singular masterpieces of architecture on the island.
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  • Hermitage of San Nicola, Ischia

    An evocative 5th century chapel carved out in the rock of Monte Epomeo, once adorned with marble and majolica tiles that have now been corroded by atmospheric agents.
  • The Piazzetta, Capri

    The heart of the Blue Island, more than a square where people meet, it is a fairytale place which appears and disappears amidst the old buildings that surround it. Once the site of a fish and fruit market, today it is a choice meeting place for islanders, visitors and villa owners, some of whom are almost as famous as the island itself.
  • Villa San Michele, Capri

    The residence of Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe, one of the most illustrious people who lived on the Island. Situated in one of Anacapri’s most panoramic spots, at an altitude of 327 metres above sea level, this dwelling took the place of an old imperial villa and a medieval chapel.
  • Villa Jovis, Capri

    The most important of the island's twelve imperial villas, Villa Jovis was built in the First Century AD and discovered in the Eighteenth Century under the rule of Charles of Bourbon. Dominating the promontory that extends from the Grotta Bianca Point to Caterola Point, the villa, which covers an area of 7000 square metres, towers over the valley looking out to Cesina. Originally built as a fortress, the centre of the villa housed a number of cisterns designed to collect rainwater, used both as drinking water and as a reservoir with which to supply the baths located to the south, along with an open portico. Thanks to its strategic position, Villa Jovis also offers visitors a view over the centre of Capri.
  • Villa Damecuta, Capri

    After serving as the residence of Tiberius in Anacapri, in 1937, it became an excavation site, thanks to the work of Amedeo Majuri, the same archaeologist who also handled the ruins of Villa Jovis. In spite of the damage wrought by the military fortifications and buildings built during the Bourbon era and British occupation, excavation works unearthed fragments of pure Greek marble columns, tangible proof of their presence on the island, marble floors, stuccoes, decorations and a few precious artworks.
  • Punta Carena Lighthouse, Capri

    One of the most famous and crowded resorts on the Island. It is dominated by the lighthouse, the second largest in Italy in terms of size, importance and power. It is named Punta Carena owing to its incredible resemblance to the hull of a ship.
  • Villa Arbusto , Lacco Ameno - Ischia

    An architectural complex built in 1785 by Don Carlo Acquaviva, Duke of Atri, nowadays, this villa is organized into a series of adjacent buildings, set within parkland: from the main residential building to the guest house, from the crenellated Villa Gingerò, now known as the “Belvedere”, to a chapel dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie and a small sacristy right up to a small villa built in the next century.
  • Aragonese Castle, Ischia

    From the top of the small, rocky Island on which it rises, it dominates the island, serving as one of its undisputed symbols. To reach it you can walk along a characteristic mule track or use the convenient, modern lift provided.
    Ischia Ponte - Tel: 0039081991959
    Web site
  • Guevara Tower, Ischia

    Also known as the Tower of Michelangelo, in actual fact it is a real 6th century palace, erected by the Guevara family, descendants of the Bovino dukes. The choice of building the tower in a spot from which they were able to see the castle and their hunting lodge on the Island of Vivara is of significant interest.
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  • I Faraglioni, Capri

    Monumental rock formations in the open sea and a symbol of the breathtaking beauty of this Island, famed throughout the world. A spot loved by the ancient Romans and emperors who often chose to build their sumptuous villas overlooking the Faraglioni. A tradition handed down and kept alive until the 20th century, when hordes of artists and intellectuals chose Capri as a place from which to draw inspiration, protected by the intimacy of their homes, once again featuring magnificent views over these amazing rocks.
  • L’Arco Naturale, Capri

    By taking a short stroll, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will reach the Arco Naturale. Nothing other than a rocky sedimentation dating back to the Paleolithic era measuring 12 metres in width and almost 20 in height which, over time, due to the corrosive action of the wind and the water has acquired a curious arch-shaped form. From here you can see the entire Peninsula of Sorrento, as far as Punta Campanella together with the small islands that form the archipelago of Li Galli.
  • The Pizzolungo promontory, Capri

    A flat though incredibly panoramic promenade that offers magnificent views over the Peninsula of Sorrento and the Faraglioni, stretching as far as the Belvedere di Tragara. An itinerary to be enjoyed at leisure, while admiring a stunning view of the sublime residence on Punta Masullo, formerly owned by writer Curzio Malaparte.
  • The Blue Grotto, Capri

    One of Capri’s best-known natural beauties, famed throughout the world, thanks to the unusual play of lights that have been created in and by its waters. A natural grotto, measuring about 60 metres in length and 25 metres in width, it lies just beneath the remains of Villa Damecuta in Anacapri.
  • Villa San Michele, Capri

    Set against a backdrop which, per se, is well worth a visit, you will find a priceless collection of artefacts, the remains of buildings, architectural elements and frescoes dating back to Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan times. We also suggest a visit to its garden embodying all the elements that have elevated it to the status of a botanical orchard. And, as always, the pleasure of an indescribable view from the belvedere of an Egyptian sphinx.
  • Casa Rossa, Capri

    This was the home of American colonel Mackowen, a passionate collector, like Dr. Axel Munthe, of the archaeological finds unearthed on the Island and still, today, displayed for the benefit of the public in a context that is distinguished on account of the diversity of its architectural styles.
    Via Giuseppe Orlandi
  • Centro Ignazio Cerio, Capri

    A cultural hub featuring rooms dedicated to botany, zoology and archaeology in Capri.
  • Terrace at the Gardens of Augustus, Capri

    This space is famed for the presence of a memorial stone by artist Giacomo Manzù dedicated to Lenin, one of the many Russian exiles who spent time on Capri at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Museum of Santa Restituta, Ischia

    A visit to this museum, housing old pieces of clay, marble and iron, is definitely worth a visit. A collection of priceless value that bears witness to the flowering of the first Greek-Italian colony on this Island.
    Piazza S.Restituta, Lacco Ameno, Ischia - Tel: 0039081980538
  • Il Torrione, Ischia

    Another atypical and sui generis space located in the centre of Forio. Built in 1480 to defend the inhabitants from the aggression of the Saracens, nowadays, it hosts the city’s Museum which houses and displays works by sculptor, poet and portrait painter Giovanni Maltese, a native of Forio.
    Via Torrione, Forio, Ischia - Tel: 00390813332126
  • Sea Museum, Ischia

    Hosted in the Torre dell'Orologio building, this museum opened its doors to the public in 1996 and offers an interesting overview of scale models, photos, equipment, maps, fishing tackle and loads of other objects related to sealife.
    Torre dell'Orologio, Ischia Ponte - Tel: 0039081981124
  • La Colombaia, Ischia

    Formerly the summer residence of Italian film director Luchino Visconti, it now houses an arts foundation, which includes a documentary library focusing on Visconti and cinema history, as well as costumes, set pieces and stills from his films. Each year, the venue is used to host high-profile performances, exhibitions, shows and events thus making La Colombaia an important cultural reference point.
    Via Francesco Calise, 73, Forio, Ischia - Tel: 00390813332147

Food and wine

Capri and Ischia’s cuisine is imbued with the colours and intense fragrances of the two islands, from its hors d’oeuvres right up to its desserts, wines and liqueurs. While Capri’s signature dishes include ravioli stuffed with Caciotta, Parmesan cheese and majoram, squid and pezzogna, typical fish found in this area and the region’s famed torta caprese made from almonds and cocoa, Ischia excels in the preparation of pasta e fagioli with mussels and rabbit Ischia-style.  Both cuisines share the same aromatic liqueurs including Limoncello and Nocino, famed and  loved throughout the world.

  • Piccolo Bar, Capri

    This is a landmark café in the Piazzetta, soon elevated to the status of the “meeting place of the world” and a favourite haunt of illustrious personages, artists, writers and the actors who have visited the Island since time immemorial. Having breakfast at the tables of the cafè, located in the heart of Capri, is an indescribable pleasure, just waiting to be experienced.
    Piazza Umberto I, Capri - Tel: 00390818370325
    Web Site
  • Bar Pasticceria da Alberto, Capri

    A venue now run by the third generation descending from nonno Alberto Federico, the pastry chef. After returning, in 1933, from a long experience as a pastry maker on board the transatlantic Rex, Alberto Federico started up this business with his wife and their three children.
    Via Roma, 9, Capri - Tel: 00390818370622
    Web Site
  • Opened in 1970, it didn’t take long to understand that the idea of offering a pastry shop and an ice cream parlour featuring prime-quality ingredients and painstaking attention to quality and its clientele, was a winning choice. When in Capri, make sure to stop here and savour the venue’s "Baci di Capri", lemon or orange- flavoured almond paste, several variations of the classic Torta Caprese and, above all, its parfaits, featuring a number of unique flavours with standouts including Ricotta & Pere and its most recent addition Panettone parfait!
    Via G. Orlandi, 208, Capri
    Web Site
  • Bar Calise, Ischia

    It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the grandparents of the current owners took over a small bar near the port, frequented, for the most part, by wine merchants and farmers who weighed anchor here on their way to Naples in search of business. Today it is Ischia’s largest venue featuring a beautiful tropical garden with a bar, pastry shop, ice cream parlour and delicatessen for a truly unique and relaxing tasting experience. Make sure to sample a sfogliatella or a warm, freshly baked cornetto served with a steaming cup of cappuccino at any time of the day and, in summer, also at night…
    Piazza degli Eroi, Ischia - Tel: 00390811991270
    Web site
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Aurora, Capri

    Boasting more than one hundred years of history, this eatery is considered a “temple of Capri gastronomy”. Thanks to the dedication of the D'Alessio family, which have owned ’Aurora from the time of its establishment, or rather for as many as three generations, this restaurant satisfies the palates of VIPs and celebrities, offering ultra-fine dishes combined with an astute selection of wines.
    Via Fuorlovado, 18-22, Capri - Tel: 00390818370181
    Web site
  • Ristorante"La Capannina", Capri

    Situated just 100 metres from the Piazzetta, since 1931 it has been a destination of choice for an exclusive clientele. Its menus, offering typical Capri specialities, are no less exclusive. The venue offers a fabulous selection of wines and a wine list featuring some two hundred labels, not only Italian.
    Via Le Botteghe, 12 bis, Capri - Tel: 00390818370732
    Web site
  • Ristorante Da Giorgio, Capri

    Since 1948, it has offered the very best of the island’s culinary tradition, inviting its guests to sit in its lovely dining room with a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Naples. Giorgio’s signature dishes include linguine with lobster, scialatielli with prawns, fish baked in salt, bream with artichokes and generous platters of grilled fish.
    Via Roma, 34, Capri - Tel: 00390818375777
    Web Site
  • Ristorante Faraglioni, Capri

    More than an eatery, this is a real institution in Capri. Sooner or later, all those holidaying on the island stop here to savour the intensity of a cuisine that is ever-faithful to its roots and against all types of innovative cuisine. What makes it even more enticing are its strategic position and its typical chairs known as “pagliarelle”, from which guests can enjoy the passing scene. A place to see and be seen, especially in summer. Celebrities often grace the tables of Faraglioni to enjoy their fabulous spaghetti with crab or sea urchin meat or their lemon-flavoured risotto, the house speciality.
    Via Camerelle, 75, Capri - Tel: 00390818370320
    Web Site
  • Da Paolino, Capri

    A dinner enjoyed under a sky of lemon trees is only possible chez Paolino, the restaurant owned by the De Martino brothers. A truly magical place which, each evening, welcomes illustrious guests of the calibre of Tom Cruise, John Belushi, George Hamilton and directors Nanny Loy and Lina Wertmuller. Evenings spent here, surrounded by the fragrance of lemon trees, are further heightened by recipes taken from the family book, a well-kept secret since 1978… At this delightful venue, each dish is a triumph of flavours that enchant the palate. And the dessert trolley, dominated by a large bowl of whipped cream in the middle, is the sweetest way that Chef Lino can think of to thank his guests for, once again, having chosen this venue.
    Via Palazzo a Mare, 11, Capri - Tel: 00390818376102
    Web site
  • Ristorante D'Amore, Capri

    Founded by Ernesto D'Amore, nowadays, it is a reference point on Capri’s gastronomic scene. Here, all the tradition of Capri is expressed in contemporary dishes intertwined with the atmosphere of the 1950s in search of a new style, in keeping with the times and current fads. The chef also offers a number of classics updated with an innovative twist. Hence, a typical risotto is enhanced by the flavour of seafood while a traditional pasta dish, such as scialatielli, is heightened by the intense, delicate flavour of lobster. The wines recommended by Ernesto are mostly local and include “Fiano di Avellino”, “Greco di Tufo” and the highly sought-after Falanghina.
    Via Fuorlovado, 36, Capri - Tel: 00390818370665
    Web site
  • Ristorante Al Grottino, Capri

    Located right in the middle of the historic centre, surrounded by ancient medieval walls and just 50 metres from the Piazzetta, the Grottino welcomes guests into a charming 15th century mansion with arches and cross vaults. A favourite haunt of connoisseurs, it is mentioned several times in a number of well-known international gastronomic guides. Run, for the past 70 years, by the Arbace family, each day it proposes the ultimate in Capri and Neapolitan cuisine with dishes that celebrate the freshness and simplicity of authentic ingredients. Make sure to try its Tiberiana salad and its cocotte of scialatelli served with an abundance of seafood.
    Via Longano, 27, Capri - Tel: 00390818370584
    Web Site
  • Umberto a Mare, Forio d’Ischia

    Since 1936, its food has been based on pure authenticity with simple recipes reminiscent of the memories and passion handed down from generation to generation. Because, according to its owner Umberto, this is regional cuisine inspired by tradition which, each day, relives experiences of the past enjoyed in the company of mothers, grandparents and aunts and uncles. House specialities include “pacchero dolce mare”, eggplant ravioli and blue fish balls.
    Via del Soccorso, 2, Forio d’Ischia - Tel: 0039081997258
    Web site
  • Ristorante Alberto dal 1946, Ischia Porto

    For more than fifty years this cuisine has respected Mediterranean traditions. In fact, one of the standout features of this restaurant is that it only serves fresh fish and the catch of the day because even the most creative dish must reflect the tradition and flavours that have inspired it. Not having a freezer is a choice of which its owner Giovanni Mattera is extremely proud. In fact, as far as he is concerned, a point of pride is purchasing and serving only local products, fish included. For those who are fans of traditional Ischia-style rabbit, make sure to phone ahead to book this dish!
    Via C. Colombo, 8, Ischia Porto - Tel: 0039081981259
    Web Site
  • Ristorante "Chiarito", Forio d' Ischia

    A small, evocative restaurant overlooking the beautiful Bay of Sant’ Angelo. A good opportunity to learn about the history of Punta Chiarito, the first Greek settlement on the Island where the Greeks planted the first vineyards. All the ingredients delivered to the kitchen are only of the highest quality and are grown on the farmstead in which the restaurant is located. Vegetables, fruit, wine and olive oil are the staples of the menu proposed by chef Ermanno Nicolella, a skilful interpreter of traditional dishes boasting an exotic mix of Mediterranean flavours and culture. Sommelier Tommaso Mascolo, has the pleasant task of recommending the best local wines of the region, grown in the vineyards surrounding the area. Make sure to book ahead.
    c/o Punta Chiarito Resort - Via Sorgeto 51, Forio d' Ischia - Tel: 0039081908102
    Web site
  • Indaco, Lacco Ameno d’Ischia

    This is the new, en plein air restaurant of the Hotel Regina Isabella, whose name brings to mind the unmistakable colour of Ischia’s sea at sunset. The perfect place for an authentic Mediterranean meal. The kitchen is helmed by Neapolitan chef Pasquale Palamaro who, with his creative genius, translates the best of local tradition into modern, innovative expressions, the result of ongoing research, updates and experimentation. Fresh fish, vegetables, salads and fruit are his favourite ingredients, the only ones that allow him to offer authentic, health-giving dishes.
    Piazza Santa Restituta, 1, Lacco Ameno, Ischia - Tel: 0039081994322
    Web Site
  • Trattoria Da Peppina di Renato, Ischia

    Rustic and elegant, this is the ideal spot for a candlelit dinner with a beautiful view over the Bay of Citara. And credit for its magical atmosphere goes to Rita, its chef, who is ever-faithful to the diktats of traditional cuisine enhanced by the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Each detail of the décor, including the objects of time-honoured peasant tradition displayed in the dining rooms, and each dish is a tribute to Ischia’s historic culinary tradition. House specialities include the not-to-be-missed Carne Salata d'Ischia and Saracen meatballs, Baci d'Ischia, rabbit Ischia-style and the superb desserts prepared by Michela, the restaurant’s revered pastry maker!
    Via Montecorvo, 42, Ischia - Tel: 0039081998312
    Web site

Nightlife & Attractions

Everything begins at the aperitivo hour, a time-honoured ritual that takes place exclusively while sitting outside and deciding what to do later on in the evening.
In Capri tradition has it that after a good dinner, the night continues in taverns with the sounds and rhythms of the tarantella and the strains of Neapolitan song. From midnight to dawn, the call of its discos is as irresistible as the call of the sirens. And both Capri and Ischia offer a wide choice of venues for fun-filled, exclusive evenings that draw illustrious visitors from the world of showbiz, sport and not only. Because, both on the blue and green islands, nights are always a star-studded affair!

  • Bye Bye Baby, Capri

    A fashionable lounge bar and night club. This venue, located just moments away from the Piazzetta, is renowned for its sophisticated, trendy style. In the disco area, the lights are elegantly suffused and its decor is reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s with a nod to trends of the moment. Its selection of music, spun by several of Italy’s hottest DJs, is dedicated to a younger crowd and an explosive joie de vivre.
    Via Roma, 6, Capri - Tel: 00390818375065
  • Pulalli Wine Bar, Capri

    Lying next to the Bell Tower of the legendary Piazzetta, in the late 19th century, this small tavern opened in Capri which was beginning to see the first influx of visitors. Today, this space has been converted into a fabulous wine bar, where each pit-stop is an opportunity for endless pleasure. From its warm, welcoming environment to its décor, the best comes while sitting at its tables or leaning on its large counter and drinking a glass of excellent wine accompanied by Neapolitan and Mediterranean nibbles.
    Piazza Umberto I, 4, Capri - Tel: 00390818374108
  • Donna Rachele, Capri

    This wine bar is another “must-visit” destination near the Piazzetta. Situated in a small, characteristic street covered by tuff arches, Donna Rachele is where people go either for a nightcap or an aperitivo accompanied by a number of delectable local food specialities. Worthy of particular note is its maxi-cutting board measuring one and a half metres in length, loaded with several of Capri’s best cold cuts, salames, cheeses and delectable mouth watering goodies.
    Via Padre Serafino Cimino, 2bis, Capri - Tel: 00390818375387
    Web site
  • La Lanterna Verde, Capri

    Since 1952, this location has represented the best of entertainment in Capri. A unique venue both on account of its panoramic position as well as the fact that it is carved out in white rock and perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. From here you can see the Gulf of Naples in all of its splendour and enjoy the majesty of Vesuvius, seen from the sea. Offers a good selection of music and regular acoustic gigs.
    Via G. Orlandi, 1, Anacapri - Tel: 00390818371427
    Web site
  • DiVino, Ischia

    Just moments away from the Aragonese Castle, it focuses on attention to detail and an innate passion for food, wine and the art of entertainment. The venue offers an eclectic, international menu. House specialities include bruschetta with tomatoes from Vesuvius, Kartoffelpuffer and, last but not least, a typical New York-style cheesecake.
    Largo Convento, via Luigi Mazzella, Ischia - Tel: 0039081990386
    Web site
  • Alchemie, Ischia

    A cocktail bar where it is customary to meet and spend time with friends, either old or new.
    Corso Vittorio Colonna, 123, Ischia - Tel: 00390815074169
    Web site
  • Taverna "Anema e Core", Capri

    One of the best know discos in the world and a not-to-be-missed destination for party goers. At some point or another, everyone, both locals and tourists alike, have spent at least one night at the alluring Taverna, where Neapolitan music is played for a deliriously festive evening, mixed with a number of other more soothing, popular rhythms. Habituées who frequent the club include Fabio Cannavaro, Diego Dalla Valle and Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Via Sella Orta, 39, Capri - Tel: 00390818376461
    Web site
  • Club Le Clochard (ex Musmè), Capri

    The latest addition to the Lembo family, renowned, since the very beginning, for its late-night jet-set venues in Capri. Situated on Capri’s most famous promenade, this is the coolest disco on the island.
    Via Camerelle, 61/b, Capri - Tel: 00390818376011
  • Number Two, Capri

    Originally called "Amici di Capri", one of the theme songs of the Island, it was subsequently renamed Number Two, following in-depth restyling by architect Ettore Mocchetti. Several of the best voices on the Italian and international music scene have performed at this club and it is still patronized by an array of beautiful supermodels, not only Italian. For an evening’s entertainment that is likely to continue into the wee hours of the morning…
    Via Camerelle, 1, Capri - Tel: 00390818377078
  • Celeste, Capri

    Carved out in a rock, this original, evocative dance floor invites guest to spend unforgettable evenings here surrounded by the world’s beautiful people. Guests are thoroughly screened before being allowed to enter.
    Via Camerelle, 63, Capri - Tel: 00390818377308
  • Valentino, Ischia

    If entertainment under the stars were a divinity, then Valentino would be the place to celebrate her. This is the most “in” discotheque in Capri. Situated just a stone’s throw from the Piazzetta dei Pini, near the point where the sea bathes and kisses the land, this venue is animated by exquisitely fashion-oriented, VIP evenings. And, once inside, Valentino reveals its double soul that of a discotheque and a pianobar.
    Corso Vittoria Colonna, 97, Ischia - Tel: 0039081982569
    Web site
  • Harem, Ischia

    This is the island’s young club both in terms of age and the people who flock here. Its exotic, Arab-style decor with carpets and tapestries welcomes as many as 500 guests every evening and the club also host live bands. On New Year’s Eve and at Easter, things really heat up!
    Corso Vittoria Colonna, Ischia
  • Jane, Ischia

    A yacht-style dance floor or a yacht converted into a dance floor, the result remains the same. Set between the beach and the sea, at Jane, famed DJS spin all types of music for evenings dedicated to carefree entertainment.
    Via Iasolino 1, Ischia - Tel: 003908119515130
    Web site
  • Lucignolo “La Dolce Vita”, Ischia

    A multi-functional space that hosts all types of events, all targeted at offering unforgettable moments of entertainment. From its disco to revival dancing right up to themed evenings and private parties: everything here is reminiscent of Fellini’s Dolce Vita with music, dance and lights amplified by an extraordinary sound system.
    Via Monsignor Filippo Schioppa, Forio d’Ischia - Tel: 0039081998423
    Web Site
  • Thermal baths and Thermal parks, Ischia

    The volcanic origins of this Island of the archipelago of Campania make it an exclusive destination for those in search of all the benefits of the numerous natural hot springs that abound in the area. Sources that have cured and rejuvenated spa goers, since time immemorial. Just think, the thermal waters of the island were already mentioned by Virgil in his Aeneid and by Homer in the Iliad. In fact, still today, countless tourists flock to Ischia from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of these waters.


After splurging on a pair of sandals, an artisanal perfume and a few bottles of Limoncello, three souvenirs that no-one can do without, shopping in Capri and Ischia is all about good taste and elegance. High-class luxury is the star player in all the shop windows of boutiques, often bringing to mind the dazzling years of the 1950s…

  • Via Camerelle, a paradise for shopping addicts, Capri

    An entire street dedicated to the big-name brands of international fashion. A dream-like itinerary to be enjoyed with eyes wide open, while admiring the fabulous proposals of the boutiques and ateliers dedicated to the most prestigious Italian and international designers.
  • Via le Botteghe and extravagant shopping in Capri

    This is where you will find the Blu shop, a boutique selling brightly coloured, flamboyant garments. The perfect place for those who enjoy being noticed, in style.
  • Artisanship near the Piazzetta, Capri

    Workshops, boasting a tradition started by the monks of the Chartherhouse of San Giacomo in 1400, prepare fragrances with the flowers and wild herbs found on the Blue Island. Handcrafted sandals, made while you wait. All you need to do is to enter a workshop, have your foot measurements taken, choose the strips of leather and the colours and, in just one hour, your sandals will be ready to wear. And, since in Italy, three is a perfect number, your third purchase you should be the island’s exclusive limoncello made with the wonderfully fragrant lemons of Capri.
  • Corso Vittoria Colonna e Via Roma, Ischia

    These are the two main shopping streets in Ischia, both during the day and for an after-dinner stroll. Loads of upmarket shops and boutiques which, as you gradually near the port, are mixed with the small, characteristic workshops of craftsmen.
  • La Caprese, Ischia

    This is the most famous boutique on the Green Island, opened during the roaring Fifties and the first of its kind to bring the best of Italian and international pret-à-porter to Ischia. Following its establishment in piazzetta di S. Angelo, today, La Caprese boasts six sales outlets, including the most spacious, located in Corso Vittorio Colonna.

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