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In Milan you can find all best structures to incentive and improve your team. Many activities are available in this stunning city. You can choose for your Team all best services to improve your team skills and capacity to work all together. For you many proposals: from incentive travels to cooking schools and all activities aimed at strengthening the team

Check out our “Team building Experience” options and choose from among one of the 3 activities proposed by the editorial staff of Italianvenue: "Food Experience", "Design Experience", "Following in the footsteps of Leonardo".

Seen from the outside, Milan is a city of spires and high fashion, famed for its modern take on design, its finance, its trade-fairs, the advent of Expo 2015, its happy hours, its people-watching and its seemingly frenetic businessmen, ties flying and smartphone in hand.   

Seen from the inside and closer up, Milan is one of the most multi-faceted, interesting and creative places on the globe, boasting infinite resources that are often hidden from view.

The real Milan is a warren of cobbled streets boasting a number of historic and artistic treasures which can be found in its artisan workshops, its parks, along its Navigli -an  artsy neighbourhood renowned for its bars and jazz clubs, its typical restaurants and its old-world “osterie”…

Milan is a city just waiting to be discovered, which will not only amaze you but with which you are also bound to fall in love. A “not-to-be-missed” destination.

Search on italianvenue all convention center and locations in Milan

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Connections and public transport

Milan can be accessed by three airports:

Three airport connections to and from Milan:

  • Shuttle buses running from Milan’s Stazione Centrale every 20 minutes (one coach per airport)
  • Malpensa Express:  a direct train links Milan’s Cadorna Stazione Nord to Malpensa Airport
  • 73 and X73: from San Babila (Corso Europa), direct line bus services to Linate Airport.

Three main stations:

  • Centrale
  • Garibaldi
  • Cadorna.

Three main underground lines:

  • Red MM1: from Sesto FS to Rho Fiera/Bisceglie
  • Green MM2: from Gessate/Cologno to Abbiategrasso/ Assago Forum
  • Yellow MM3: from San Donato to Comasina

A rail link: five suburban lines from Certosa-Bovisa to Rogoredo

A widespread network of overground public transport:

  • Historic trams
  • Trolley buses
  • Buses
  • Radiobus, on-call minibuses that pick up and drive passengers to their door. (Available from 8pm to 2am they must be prebooked)
  • Taxis

Car sharing service:
GuidaMi  e/o

Bike sharing service:

Where to purchase metro, travel link, tram and bus tickets:

  • from metro stations, newsstands, tobacconists (shops displaying a large T sign), bars or automatic machines located in every metro station


  • 0039024040
  • 0039026767
  • 0039028585
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Luxury hotels, Villas, Castles and Palaces for a truly Italian-style wedding.


  • Following in the footsteps of Leonardo

    Milan hosts several of the most famous masterpieces created by Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, all of which can be discovered by indulging in a unique treasure hunt for a team building. Using bicycles as a means of transport, the teams in search of clues will have a chance to visit the venues hosting his most fabulous treasures, from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, housing “The Last Supper” to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology featuring models of the machines invented by Leonardo. Your team’s next stop will be the Navigli, the canals, crossing the city which, more than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci contributed to making a vital nerve centre for the wealth of Milan. And, in the evening, the award-winning team will be able to reap the fruits of their victory with a gala dinner in one of the rooms of the Castello Sforzesco, also built with the help of Leonardo. And, obviously, we bet you’re dying to know about the menu which, it goes without saying, will be based on typical Renaissance dishes, featuring none other than an assortment of delectable game.
  • A’ la carte Design

    You’re in the Italian capital of design, in the city that each year hosts the world-renowned Salone del Mobile featuring countless trendy collateral events in several of Milan’s most fashionable districts. So, why not put your secret, inner designer to the test? As an idea for team building, invite your teams to a cocktail at the Design Library exhibition space where, after gathering ideas from books and installations, they can submit an ordinary everyday object that has been reinvented using the materials that will be given to them, glue included. The event will include a lunch with a prize-giving ceremony where the winner of the best item, chosen by a jury of architects and Italian designers, will be given a “Golden Compass” award. The event will be held at the Triennale di Milano where your teams can also enjoy a private viewing of one the exhibitions on show dedicated to design.
  • Cook with a Pro

    Risotto with saffron, boasting that distinctive yellow colour and an unmistakable flavour, is the favourite dish of the inhabitants of Milan (and not only!). In fact, it is so popular that it is simply known throughout the world as “risotto alla milanese”. To learn how to cook it to perfection and to surprise your guests on your return home, the answer is a team building culinary experience with an expert chef. Participants will be divided into two groups and, following an out-of-town excursion to purchase the rice at an old mill, where they will also have a chance to learn about the various techniques involved, team members, under the experienced eye of the chef, will begin honing their skills in the preparation of this dish which will then be served and submitted to the judgement of the other participants and the chef himself.

Art and Culture

The best way to discover the real Milan is to stroll around the city on foot. From its historic centre to the “viby” Brera, Isola and  Navigli areas; from its large parks, scattered throughout the city, to its small hidden churches right up to the grandeur of the Pirelli Tower, the Stazione Centrale and the Cimitero Monumentale.

  • Duomo

    One of the most important Gothic buildings in the world and a symbol of the city boasting an outburst of pinnacles, turrets, marble statuary and, naturally the city’s famed golden Madonnina. Visiting the Duomo is a mystic experience, starting from the interior of the cathedral right up to the breathtaking view that visitors can enjoy by ascending to its roof for a truly fabulous view over the city.
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  • Sant'Ambrogio

    A wonderful example of Lombardy Romanesque style, this basilica was named after St. Ambrose, patron saint of Milan. A “not-to-be-missed” tourist destination located in the historic heart of the city.
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  • Santa Maria delle Grazie

    A compulsory stopover when visiting the city, the beauty of this remarkable basilica-sanctuary is further heightened thanks to the Bramante Sacristy and its proximity to Leonardo da Vinci’s Cenacolo.
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  • Castello Sforzesco and Arco della Pace

    The ancient seat of the ruling Viscontin in Milan, the Castello is one of the many treasures found in Milan’s historic centre. The Castle leads onto the large, beautiful parco Sempione, featuring the Torre Branca - an architectural conversation piece - and lies adjacent to the Majestic Arco della Pace , a triumphal arch, initially built in the early 19th century to celebrate Napoleon’s victories.
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  • Colonne di San Lorenzo

    The best known Roman ruin in the city and an evocative gateway to the highly characteristic district hosting two of Milan’s Navigli. A district of artists and musicians, also famed for its exciting nightlife.
  • Rotonda della Besana

    Formerly an 18th century Church, this evocative venue is currently used as an exhibition centre with porticoes and gardens open to the public and takes its name from via Enrico Besana, the street onto which the entrance of this beautiful, unusual Baroque structure faces.
  • Villa Reale

    A wonderful neoclassic building, this villa stands out against the lush green backdrop of one of Milan’s oldest and most poetic parks: the Public Gardens of Porta Venezia.
  • Torre Velasca

    A skyscraper built in the late 1950s, this tower soon become one of Milan’s architectural icons, being named a cultural Landmark site in 2011.
  • Torre Branca

    Torre Branca is a construction in steel tubing, located in Parco Sempione. It is the second highest structure in the city standing at 108,60 metres. On clear days, from the viewing platform at the top, visitors can see the entire city of Milan, and further across the Po Valley plain, to the Alps and the Apennines.
  • Palazzo Reale

    Standing to the right of the Duomo and formerly the seat of the city’s government, the Royal Palace is currently one of the most important cultural centres in the city, hosting exhibitions of international artistic and cultural renown.
    Piazza Duomo, 12 - Tel: 003902875672
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  • Cenacolo Vinciano

    Lying next to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the “cenacolo” is a “must-see” experience for art lovers. Make sure to book well ahead…
    P.zza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2 - Tel: 00390292800360
    Web Site
  • Pinacoteca di Brera

    Standing next to the Accademia delle Belle Arti, the Pinacoteca hosts a wealth of outstanding Italian and foreign masterpieces and is one of the most important museums in Milan.
    Via Brera, 28 - Tel: 00390272263264
    Web Site
  • Cimitero Monumentale

    How many cities are able to boast a cemetery that is renowned worldwide as a musuem. Milan’s Cimitero Monumental prides itself on being an open-air museum. Seeing is believing! We warmly suggest a visit.
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  • Museo Civico di Storia Naturale

    Located at the entance to the historic Giardini Pubblici in Porta Venezia, the museum hosts both permanent and short-term, themed exhibitions. Venezia, 55 - 20121 Milano - Tel: 00390288463337
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  • “Leonardo da Vinci” National Museum of Science and Technology

    Italy’s largest and most innovative science museum which, in addition to permanent collections also offers a wide range of initiatives targeted mainly at youngsters.
    Via San Vittore 21 - Tel: 003902485551
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  • Triennale Design Museum

    Exhibitions, events, workshops and research – all dedicated to futuristic art and avant-garde design.
    Viale Alemagna, 6 - Tel: 003902724341
    Web Site
  • Museo del Novecento

    Standing next to the Duomo and inaugurated in 2010, Milan’s newest museum has already surpassed all expectations in terms of visitor attendance. Boasting four hundred masterpieces of Italian and international 20th century art, its display area extends over 4,000 sq.m. at Milan’s recently restructured Palazzo Arengario.
    Piazza Duomo 12 - Tel: 00390288444061
    Web Site
  • PAC - Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea

    Not a museum but rather a place of research where each temporary exhibition is chosen and organized using an approach that though experimental is targeted at giving deeper insight into 20th century art.
    Via Palestro, 14 - Tel: 00390288446359
  • Manzoni’s House

    A museum dedicated to one of Milan’s most famous authors, run by Centro Studi Manzoniani. A “not-to-be-missed” destination for those who have read, studied and enjoyed his most famous masterpiece: The Betrothed.
    Via Morone 1 - Tel: 00390286460403
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  • Alla Scala

    Via Filodrammatici 2 - Tel: 00390288791
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  • Arcimboldi

    Viale dell'Innovazione 20 - Tel: 003902641142200
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  • Carcano

    Corso di Porta Romana, 63 - Tel: 00390255181377
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  • Dal Verme

    Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 2 - Tel: 00390287905
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  • Franco Parenti

    Via Pier Lombardo 14 - Tel: 00390259995206
    Web Site
  • Manzoni

    Via Manzoni 42 - Tel: 0039027636901
    Web Site
  • Nuovo

    piazza San Babila - Tel: 003902794026
    Web Site
  • Piccolo

    Via Rivoli 6
    Web Site
  • Smeraldo

    Piazza XXV Aprile 10 - Tel: 00390229006767
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Food and wine

Saffron-flavoured yellow rice and “ossobuco”, “cassoeula”, Milanese-style breaded veal cutlets and “panettone” are just some of the specialities of Milan’s culinary tradition.  
But Milan, always projected towards the future, also enjoys upgrading its cuisine and social habits. Milan is famed for its “Happy Hour”, the beloved Milanese tradition of post-work, pre-dinner drinks which sees bars and cafés crowded with beautiful people for a rich, prolonged “aperitivo” accompanied by complimentary “stuzzichini” and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • Caffé Camparino

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele angolo Piazza Duomo - Tel: 00390276005599
    Web Site
  • Caffé Cova

    Built in 1817 right next to La Scala Opera House, Cova soon became the favourite haunt of musicians and artists and, it was here that, in 1848, patriots of the Risorgimento met. After the Second World War, Cova moved to via Montenapoleone where it still stands today. A true Milanese classic, Cova is famed for its panettone.
    Via Montenapoleone 8 - Tel: 00390276005599
    Web Site
  • Caffé Pasticceria Cucchi

    Founded in 1936 as a concert café, in 1943 it was razed to the ground during a bomb raid. In 1954, it became what it still is today: an old-world café with an artisanal heart capable of satisfying the taste buds of even the most demanding pastry connoisseurs.
    Corso Genova 1 - Tel: 00390289409793
    Web Site
  • Bar Jamaica

    In 2011, this small Bar in Brera celebrated its 100th anniversary. A favourite meeting place, since the very beginning, of artists, architects and intellectuals, it is still patronized today by students from the nearby Accademia di Belle Arti.
    Via Brera 31 - Tel: 003902876723
    Web Site
  • Bar Magenta

    Boasting a dark, wooden interior and art nouveau decor dating from 1907, Bar Magenta is a popular hangout for the Milanese and, one that is much loved not only by university students from the area but also by the expat community, attracted by its charmingly hybrid ambience.
    Via Carducci 13 - Tel: 0039028053808
    Web Site
  • Sant'Ambroeus

    A celebrated haven of Milanese sweetmeats and a traditional meeting place since 1936, this world-class “pasticceria” is named after the patron saint of the city. Originally established as a café cum pastry shop, it now also boasts a restaurant and bar for aperitivi and high-class snacks.
    Corso Matteotti, 7 - Tel: 00390278000540
    Web Site
  • Terrazza Martini

    Built in the 1950s, renovated in the 1990s and then finally refurbished in 2007 by an architectural firm from Antwerp, Terrazza Martini is not only a cult venue for Milan’s traditional Happy Hour but also a space for cultural events and business meetings. The view from its terrace is absolutely priceless and definitely worth experiencing, glass in hand!
    Piazza Diaz 7 - Tel: 0039028690905
  • Eataly

    The best way to describe the Italian gastronomical culture, a completely new offer. Bistro like shops where you can buy and eat according to a philosophy sustained and spread by the founders of Slow Food. Typical produce and excellent locations for wine and food are the elements that define the offer Eataly, ready to promote, in Italy and the world, the consciousness of what you eat and how to nurture in a healthy and right way. Eataly is a reality that is quickly expanding. Various shops indeed, have been opened or will soon open in many Italian cities, in Japan and in the USA. A new success of Made in Italy, at your table.
    Piazza 5 Giornate, 1/A, Milano - Tel: 00390292870066
    Web site
  • Antico Ristorante Boeucc

    People have been eating here since 1696. It’s hard to get any older! Used as a hiding place where Italian patriots met in secret during the uprisings of 1848, its tables have been graced by illustrious names of the calibre of Carlo Porta, Giuseppe Verdi and Gaetano Donizetti. Today it is a favourite haunt of writers, artists, designers, business magnates and heads of state.
    Piazza Belgioioso 2 - Tel: 00390276020224
    Web Site
  • Trattoria Bagutta

    One of Milan’s oldest restaurants, Bagutta still retains its old-world charm and is well patronized. Among other things, in 1927, the first Italian literary prize was awarded here and still carries its name today. A small, homely trattoria, house specialities include a fabulous “ossobuco” with risotto, “bistecca Fiorentina” (the famous Florentine T-bone steak) and soups. Nowadays, it is not only a favourite haunt of the intelligentsia but also VIPs and business tourists.
    Via Bagutta 14 - Tel: 00390276002767
    Web Site
  • Ristorante Savini

    Established in 1884, at the beginning of the 20th century, Savini was one of the favourite meeting places members of the Scapigliatura movement led by Emilio Praga meaning that it was soon transformed into a sort of literary café. In fact those who have distinguished themselves in the worlds of music, literature and film have all flocked here including Duse, d’Annunzio, Toscanini, Verdi and futurist Marinetti. Since 2008, Savini has had three “face-lifts”, or rather three: it is now a restaurant, a café and a food boutiques. Multi-faceted and multi-tasking, in perfect keeping with the times.
    Via Foscolo 5 - Tel: 00390272003433
    Web Site
  • Ristorante da Berti

    Though orginally called la “Nuova osteria della Stazione Centrale” when it was first opened in 1886, it subsequently became known as “osteria dei ladri” (“osteria of thieves”) due to the infiltration of several pickpockets who mixed in with the after-work crowd. Today, “Da Berti” is a member of the Association of Historic Italian Locations. The restaurant has been run for more than thirty years by chef Enrica Colombi and his son iGigi. The venue is patronized by politicians and Italian and international entrepreneurs. The restaurant’s standout dish is their Milanese-style breaded cutlet.
    Via Algarotti 20 - Tel: 0039026694627
    Web Site
  • Trattoria della Pesa

    One of Milan’s oldest restaurants, its rooms are imbued with history and, since 1880, its has offered traditional Milanese cuisine, interpreted with genuine flair. Must-try dishes include its “ossobuco with risotto”, “risotto al salto” (a classic way of reworking leftover Risotto alla Milanese) “cassoeula” with “polenta” and a truly exquisite zabaglione.
    Viale Pasubio, 10 - Tel: 0039026555741
    Web Site
  • Ristorante La Pobbia 1850

    Formerly an old tavern providing lodging and stabling, in 1906 it became a ticket office for the Milano-Gallarate steam tramway. Currently run by the third generation of the Anzaghi family, nowadays, it is an elegant, sophisticated venue. Standout items on its menu include “i specialità de la tradizion milanesa” (traditional Milanese specialities): a selection of the city’s most typical regional cuisine.
    Via Gallarate 92 - Tel: 00390238006641
    Web Site

Nightlife & Attractions

In 1944, Pinketts wrote, “Milan by night is awash with a sea of people” and he was right. If you really want to see what the Milan nightlife is truly like, you should explore the many clubs and discos that the city and surrounding areas have to offer. The real queen of the night in the city is music: from its historic discotheques to live concert venues. However, the pulsating night-time rhythms of this metropolis prove that there's much more to Milanese nightlife than sophisticated fashion shows and dinners in posh restaurants.

  • Blue Note

    A branch of the historic New York venue, this is the new temple of Milanese jazz and features world-class performers and big-names on the contemporary, international jazz scene. Contact with the musicians is intense and guests are in for a rare listening experience.
    Via Borsieri 37 - Tel: 00390269016888
    Web Site
  • Le scimmie

    Located in one of the most picturesque districts in Milan overlooking the Naviglio Pavese, this historic venue has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Thirty years of music, cabaret and performances featuring big-names on the international music scene including Antonio Albanese, Jean Jacques Avenel, Steve Baker, Bluvertigo, Carmen Consoli, Cristiano De Andrè, Elio e le Storie Tese, Eugenio Finardi and many others besides.
    Via Ascanio Sforza 49 - Tel: 00390289402874
    Web Site
  • La Salumeria della Musica

    This unusual venue, formerly home to an old industrial warehouse, offers visitors the pleasure of listening to a select array of jazz, rock and pop while savouring a platter of just as fabulous cheeses and cold cuts.
    Via A.Pasinetti 4 - Tel: 00390256807350
    Web Site
  • Bobino Club

    One of the best traditional lounge bars in the city overlooking the Darsena of Porta Genova. This treny hangout boasts a New York-style ambience and a panoramic view through the large glass-fronted windows onto the veranda which opens in summer to become a romantic outdoor space, facing directly onto the Naviglio.
    Imbarcadero Darsena - Piazza Cantore - Tel: 00390236559070
    Web Site
  • Roialto

    A “not-to-be-missed” venue for happy hour enthusiasts and live music aficionados. This spacious, elegant bar restaurant can hold up to 800 guests and will satisfy even the most discerning customers with its impeccable service! In spring and summer, its clientele can enjoy an “al fresco” experience on the venue’s legendary TERRAZZO ROIALTO!
    Via Piero della Francesca, 55 - Tel: 00390234930819
    Web Site
  • Alcatraz

    At this eclectic discotheque live shows and DJ’s mix seamlessly in this huge, former industrial space. The type of music changes from night to night and from room to room. In fact, the whole character of the club can morph from one cutting edge concept to the next.
    Via Valtellina 21/27 - Tel: 00390269016352
    Web Site
  • Gattopardo

    A unique venue located in a 19th century Church that was deconsecrated in the 1970s. This disco-bar is used for special, highly successful corporate or private events. Its name is a tribute to the masterpiece by Visconti and still exudes a feeling of opulent elegance for an unforgettable evening.
    Via Piero della Francesca 47 - Tel: 00390234537699
    Web Site
  • Hollywood

    Situated off Metro stop Garibaldi in the heart of downtown Milan, the Hollywood Rythmoteque nightclub lies on Corso Cosmo, a street brimming with nightlife. Club Hollywood attracts international superstars and many of Milan’s beautiful people. A perfect setting for the organization of jet-set events.
    Corso Como 15 - Tel: 0039026598996
    Web Site
  • Old Fashion

    Dating back to the 50’s and formerly known as “El Trianon”, this establishment was originally a Milanese reference point for Rock ‘n Roll. In the 1960s, in addition to live performances by renowned Italian artists of the calibre of Patty Pravo and Lucio Dalla it also resounded to the beat of music by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It only became known as Old Fashion in 1970. The city of Milan recently included it in the list of venues of historic importance and it is, in fact, the only discotheque in Milan to enjoy this honour.
    Viale Alemagna 6 - Tel: 0039028056231
    Web Site
  • Shocking Club

    Situated next to Teatro Smeraldo, Shocking Club is one of Milan’s most historic discos. Recently restructured, it now extends over three levels. The first hosts a large dance floor while the other two are used for private events. A hot favourite with those who love exclusive DJ sets or are crazy about Hip Hop – a once-a-week dance happening.
    Bastioni di Porta Nuova 12 - Tel: 00390289078079
    Web Site
  • Plastic

    Established in December, 1980, as a meeting place for well-connected extraverts basking in the glory and diversity of retro, its fame soon spread across the globe. Its enduring success lies in its ability to stay ahead of the game. A venue for non-conformists that plays indie rock, French, electro and experimental music, often only appreciated by an elite public.
    Viale Umbria 120
    Web Site
  • Magazzini generali

    Inaugurated in 1995 in an early 20th century building - a 1930s depot which was formerly part of a set of warehouses used by the FS (Italian State Railways) – this venue extends over 1,000 sq.m and caters to international musical, social and hip events.
    Via Pietrasanta, 16 - Tel: 0039025393948
    Web Site


In this frenetic city of fashion, shopping is a must. From the upscale streets of high fashion to historic department stores such as lLa Rinascente and then beyond the Quad itself along the entire Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
The Isola, Brera and Navigli districts offer the alternative labels of emerging designers and small vintage shops.
Conversely, the majority of stores targeted at  a younger, more trendy crowd are concentrated in via Torino and Corso Buenos Aires.
For those in search of design objects, “must-visit” neighbourhoods include the area running from via Manzoni to via Turati and the Tortona and Ventura Lambrate districts.

  • Il Quadrilatero della Moda

    Milan is home to the most famous designer brands in the world. Although high-end purchases can be made in any part of the city, one of its most famed districts is the “Quadrilatero della Moda” set amidst four of Milan’s most expensive and prestigious shopping streets, namely via Manzoni, via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga and Corso Venezia. If you’re looking to make luxury purchases, then this is the ideal place in which to do so, in discovery of the very best of “Made-in-Italy” fashion.
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Torino

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele, boasting a fabulous array of shops windows that will literally make you catch your breath, starts in San Babila and extends as far as the Duomo. Standout shopping destinations in the area include the world-renowned La Rinascente (, the oldest department store in Milan. From the Duomo, you can head to via Torino, where you will find loads of stores offering shoes and sportswear. A “must-visit” destination for younger-style purchases.
  • Corso Buenos Aires

    For the Italian version of high-street shopping try Corso Buenos Aires, the longest shopping street in the world and a hot favourite with a younger crowd featuring large international stores for a trendy, designer look at a fraction of the price.
  • The districts of art, vintage and emerging designers

    Brera, the Navigli and the Isola area are the three best place in Milan to make unusual, retrò purchases. The precinct is awash with artisan workshops and small boutiques offering garments and accessories by young, up-and-coming designers or, on the contrary, vintage clothing and contemporary objet d’art. “Must-visit” destinations for those in search of all things unique and different.
  • And design?

    Those in search of “Made-in-Italy” cult design objects should get ready to trawl the city. Upmarket designer objects can be found in several of the city’s downtown shopping streets including, first and foremost, via Manzoni (Driade), via Turati (Kartell) and via Durini (Cassina). However, the via Tortona (Emporio 31) and Lambrate Ventura districts - jam-packed with awesome, avant-garde and otherwise amazing work by designers hailing from all over the world -are also a hot favourite with design connoisseurs, especially during the Salone del Mobile.

Destinazioni Mice