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In Turin, history and progress have co-habited happily since time immemorial.

A city that has evolved and today represent the ideal destination for the organization of meeting, conventions, incentive and glitz gala and unique receptions.

Check out our “Team building Experience” options and choose from among one of the 3 activities proposed by the editorial staff of Italianvenue: "Food Experience", "Lights, camera, action!", Amidst esotericism and muder mysteries".

Palazzi, castles, monuments and museums, testimonies of a noble and glorious past, co-exist with futuristic architecture such as the Mole Antonelliana. Crowned with a massive dome and conical spire, this soaring building is a symbol of the city.

The strictly industrial image has been replaced by that of a promoter of culture, a city people-oriented that can offer everything you need.

The Alps surrounded the entire city giving an almost fairytale atmosphere and a successful event need all this features. In addition, bathed by the Dora Riparia and crossed by the river Po, Turin has a charm of its own that it is difficult to find elsewhere.

Turin, a city that is proud of its heritage, which welcomes visitors with elegance and conveys a sense of passion.

Search on italianvenue all convention center and locations in Turin.

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Connections and public transport 

Two airports:

Three connections to and from Turin and its Airports:

  • Treno GTT: offering highly affordable prices, it connects the centre of Turin (Stazione Dora GTT) to the Torino-Caselle airport
  • Bus SADEM: it connects the stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa to the Torino-Caselle airport
  • Consorzio Trasporti Lombardi Shuttle: it connects the Torino Lingotto station to the Cuneo Levaldigi airport

Three main stations

  • Torino Porta Nuova
  • Torino Porta Susa
  • Torino Lingotto

The city boasts a single-line subway system which runs from Fermi to Lingotto. It is the only automatic, driverless subway system in Italy. 

Turin boasts a dense network of overground public transport:

  • 8 tram lines
  • More than 80 lines on rails
  • taxis

A car sharing service is also available in Turin.

At night, in addition to taxis, the city also offers a GTT Night Buster which runs every hour and stops near Turin’s main nightspots.

First departure from outlying terminuses  h. 0.30am, last at h. 4.30am.
First departure from piazza Vittorio Veneto h. 1.00am, last at h. 5.00am.

Ticket purchase

Tickets for public transport can be purchased from all metro stations but also at newsstands and affiliated bars/tobacconists (shops displaying a large T sign).

To call a taxi:

  • Centrale Radio Taxi 00390115730
  • Centrale Pronto Taxi 00390115737


Struttura Servizio

Luxury hotels, Villas, Castles and Palaces for a truly Italian-style wedding.


  • In the temple of food

    When in Piedmont, a visit to Turin’s famed Eataly, considered the Mecca of Italian food is an absolute must. First we’ll drop anchor at the Carpano Museum (hosted by Eataly) where our team will learn about the most interesting facts pertaining to the history and production of Vermouth. After this, participants will move onto the educational area for a team building experience dedicated to Turinese specialities. First and foremost, the group will learn how to make a perfect “bicerin” (a layered concoction of coffee and hot chocolate), subsequently going on to prepare something a little more difficult: i.e. mixing dough to make “grissini” (breadsticks) and then baking them, plus the preparation of “bagna cauda! (a hot Piedmontese dip made from anchovies, garlic and olive oil), accompanied by fresh and cooked seasonal vegetables. The winner will receive a huge “gianduiotto” (Turin’s famed chocolate) weighing one kilo.
  • Lights, camera, action!

    In the morning, participants will set off on a visit to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema housed inside the Mole Antonellian. One of the most important and fascinating in the world on account of its wealth of memorabilia and interactive activities. After a delicious, light lunch, the team building event, dedicated to the seventh art, will take place. What better way to stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills than have them plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own reproduction of either a famous commercial or the scene of a cult movie, not only as actors and directors but also as make up artists and costume designers. The “team building movies” will be professionally mounted meaning that, at the end of the experience, everyone will have a chance to take home a souvenir of their day as a star.
  • Amidst esotericism and muder mysteries

    Allegedly, Turin forms a ‘white magic triangle’ of mystical energies along with Lyon and Prague, as well as a ‘black magic triangle’ with London and San Francisco. The afternoon tour between the places of these two different worlds includes a visit to Piazza Castello and the Triton Fountain, the white heart of the city, Piazza Solferino and the Angelica Fountain, the door of infinity and Piazza Statuto, the black heart of the region considered by many to be the gateway to hell. The themed dinner of the evening will be dedicated to the occasional visits to Turin by characters of the likes of Nostradamus and Cagliostro. Suddenly, without any warning, all the lights will go out and, when they come on again, someone will have be stabbed. A crime has been committed. Who is the guilty party? Each table of diners will be divided into a team which, after analysing all the clues available, will be asked to solve the crime.

Art and Culture

Like all large Italian cities, Turin also has a lot to offer from an artistic, historic and cultural point of view. The Mole Antonelliana is the symbol of this city, which houses one of the most important Egyptian museums in the world. However, the Turin scene is also animated and embellished by “palazzi”, castles and villas that bear witness to a past that, each day, gives both sense and shape to today’s modern world.

  • Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista

    Lying near Piazza Castello and the Porte Palatine, Turin’s Duomo, a masterpiece dating back to the Renaissance period, is home to the famous shroud of Turin, one of Christianity’s most treasured relics, safeguarded in a silver vessel in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud.
    Piazza San Giovanni - Tel: 0039 0114361540
    Web site
  • Basilica di Superga

    Designed by architect Filippo Juvarra, this basilica is dedicated to the nativity of Mary and became the final resting place of the Savoys whose lavish tombs make for interesting viewing as do its dome, its two bell towers and its columns, all amazing feats of sacred architecture.
    Strada della Basilica di Superga 73 - Tel: 00390118980083
    Web site
  • Mole Antonelliana

    The symbol of Turin, it is named after its creator, Alessandro Antonelli. Originally intended as a synagogue, it was purchased by the City of Turin towards the end of the 9th century. The Mole was dedicated as a monument to Victor Emanuel II and the city used it to house its Museum of the Risorgimento. In the 1960s a panoramic glass elevator was installed from whose deck, standing at a height of 167. 5 metres, visitors can enjoy the best view over Turin.
    Via Montebello, 20 - Tel: 00390118138560/561
    Web site
  • Castello del Valentino

    Located inside the eponymous park, on the banks of the Po River, the Castle now hosts the Faculty of Architecture. Particularly worthy of note are its magnificent 7th century stuccoes and frescoes. Its botanical gardens are also worth a visit especially on account of the rare species that they host.
    Viale Mattioli, 29 - Tel: 00390115646216
    Web site
  • Palazzo Madama

    Located right in the centre of Piazza Castello, it was built in the 13th century. Originally, a simple Roman gate, during Medieval times, it was transformed into a fort, subsequently becoming a castle and the residence of the Acaja princes in the 5th century. Its façade and majestic Baroque staircase date back to the beginning of the 8th century.
    Piazza Castello - Tel: 00390114433501
    Web site
  • Palazzo Reale

    The site of the old Palazzo del Vescovo (Bishops’ Palace) and home to the Savoy family until 1865, a visit to Turin’s Royal Palace takes visitors in discovery of its lavishly decorated rooms housing an assortment of furnishings, porcelain, rich tapestries and other objets d’art.
    Piazzetta Reale, 1 - Tel: 00390114361455
    Web site
  • Palazzo Cavour

    One of Turin’s most interesting Baroque palaces where Count Cavour spent most of his life. Today, Palazzo Cavour is used for cultural initiatives and exhibitions promoted by the Regione.
    Via Cavour, 8 - Tel: 0039011530690
    Web site
  • Museo Egizio

    A museum of international fame boasting one of the most important collections of Egyptian memorabilia including sphinxes, sarcophagi and a vast heritage of statues and objects of inestimable value. A visit that will take you in discovery of some of ancient Egypt’s most breathtaking artistic creativity.
    Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6 - Tel: 00390115617776
    Web site
  • Museo della Sindone

    A visit to the Sacred Shroud is a “not-to-be-missed” experience for visitors to Turin. A journey rich in documents, drawing and other relics that tell the story of the Holy Shroud, starting from the second half of the 5th century.
    Via San Domenico, 28 - Tel: 00390114365832
    Web site
  • Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano

    The era of the Italian Risorgimento explained through a series of heirlooms, arms and works of art dating back to the period that began with the unification of Italy and ended with the First World War. Particularly worthy of note are its Baroque façade, its atrium and the garden of Palazzo Carignano, housing the museum, designed by Guarini at the end of the 7th century.
    Piazza Carlo Alberto 8 - Tel: 00390115621147
    Web site
  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema

    A decade ago, the tower became home to the multi-floored Museo Nazionale del Cinema which takes visitors on a fantastic tour through cinematic history – from the earliest magic lanterns, stereoscopes and other optical toys to the present day. A “must-visit” destination for film buffs.
    Via Montebello, 20 - Tel: 00390118138560/1
    Web site
  • Galleria Sabauda

    The Galleria Sabauda, with its seven hundred paintings by Italian artists including those of the calibre of Andrea Mantegna and Paolo Veronese, is among one of the most important picture galleries in Italy.
    Via XX Settembre, 88 - Tel: 00390114992333 (prenotazioni), 00390115641749 (informazioni)
    Web site
  • Gam - Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

    Extending over two floors, one dedicated to the 19th century and the other to the 20th century, it explores all the trends of contemporary Italian art. Worthy of particular note is its extensive design collection and one of the most important film and artistic video archives in Europe.
    Via Magenta, 31 - Tel: 00390114429518
    Web site
  • Pinacoteca Agnelli

    The private collection of the family that wrote the industrial history of Turin and Italy with FIAT is a precious anthology, boasting works by artists of the calibre of Canova and Modigliani.
    Lingotto: via Nizza, 230 int. 103 - Tel: 00390110062713/0110062008
    Web site
  • Museo dell’Automobile

    A rev-head’s paradise boasting 400 masterpieces including one of the first FIATs and the Isotta Franchini driven by Gloria Swanson in the film Sunset Boulevard.
    Corso Unità d'Italia, 40 - Tel: 0039 011677666
    Web site
  • Teatro Regio

    Piazza Castello 215 - Tel: 00390118815241/242
    Web site
  • Teatro Stabile di Torino

    Teatro Carignano, piazza Carignano 6 - Tel: 00390115169411
    Web site
  • Teatro Monterosa

    Via Brandizzo 65 - Tel: biglietteria: 0039 0112304153/ 00390112304122
    Web site
  • Alfa Teatro

    Via Casalborgone, 16/I - Tel: 003901119504896/0118193529
    Web site
  • Teatro Araldo

    Via Chiomonte, 3/A - Tel: 00393490676918
    Web site
  • Teatro Alfieri

    Piazza Solferino, 4 - Tel: 00390115623800
    Web site
  • Teatro Erba

    Corso Moncalieri, 241 - Tel: 00390116615447
    Web site
  • Teatro Gioiello

    C. Colombo 31 - Tel: 0039 0115805768
    Web site
  • Teatro Nuovo

    Corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 17 - Tel: 00390115176246
    Web site
  • Teatro Cardinal Massaia

    Via Sospello, 32 - Tel: 0039011257881
    Web site

Food and wine

“Bagna cauda” (a hot dip made from anchovies, garlic and olive oil) , starters enriched with a sprinkling of white truffle, prime quality meat and tasty delicacies deep-fried in batter. But also coffee and chocolate. This, and much more besides, are offered by Turin’s historic cafès, restaurants and “trattorie” where taking a pit-stop means discovering all the flavours and delicacies of Turinese tradition.

  • Caffè confetteria Al Bicerin

    Swap your morning coffee for a bicerin — a layered concoction of coffee, hot chocolate and foamy milk, served in a tulip-shaped glass at Caffè Al Bicerin. Dating back to 1763, this historic cafe, with its eight marble tables and dark wood boiserie, was supposedly the first to serve the drink, which pairs perfectly with a slice of moist hazelnut cake.
    Piazza della Consolata, 5 - Tel: 00390114369325
    Web site
  • Caffè gelateria Fiorio

    First opened in 1780, it was defined as the “caffè dei codini e dei Machiavelli”, on account of being patronized by aristocrats, high-ranking officials, intellectuals and diplomats, including historic figures such as Cavour, D’Azeglio and Rattazzi. A “must-visit” destination, especially for its ice cream, considered the best in Turin.
    Via Po, 8 - Tel: 00390118173225/0118170612
    Web site
  • Caffè San Carlo

    An historic café, founded in 1822 and still embellished by rich marbles, statues and magnificent gildings. An intellectual Salon of prime importance during the Risorgimento, it was badly damaged during the Second World War. Refurbished in 1979, today, it still continues to retain its old-world charm.
    Piazza San Carlo, 156 - Tel: 0039011532586/0115617748
    Web site
  • Caffè Platti

    Established in 1870, Caffè Platti was one of the favourite haunts of Italian author Cesare Pavese, Italian statesman Luigi Einaudi and industrialist Giovanni Agnelli. Today’s clientele include some of Turin’s glitterati who still enjoy its charming, spacious interior. An appealing combination of the old and the new marked by its evolution from a historic cafè into a restaurant.
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72 - Tel: 00390115069056
    Web site
  • Caffè confetteria Baratti

    Located in the historic centre of Turin since 1875, it boasts the title of Supplier to the Royal Family. Today it is also a bar, a “pasticceria”, a “gelateria” and a restaurant.
    Piazza Castello, 29 - Tel: 00390114407138
    Web site
  • Caffè Torino

    Celebrating its 109th anniversary this year, it still lives on in the memories of the aristocrats who spent time chatting and sipping coffee or an aperitif at its tables. However, time has passed and trends have changed. Today, lying adjacent to its bar, guests can also enjoy a great meal at its top-notch restaurant.
    Piazza San Carlo, 204 - Tel: 0039011545118
    Web site
  • Caffè Mulassano

    Notables of the Court and the artists of Turin’s Teatro Regio Aperto met here way back in 1907. The café boasts sumptuous dècor, highlighted by rich marbles and coffered ceilings.
    Piazza Castello, 15 - Tel: 0039011547990
    Web site
  • Eataly

    The best way to describe the Italian gastronomical culture, a completely new offer. Bistro like shops where you can buy and eat according to a philosophy sustained and spread by the founders of Slow Food. Typical produce and excellent locations for wine and food are the elements that define the offer Eataly, ready to promote, in Italy and the world, the consciousness of what you eat and how to nurture in a healthy and right way. Eataly is a reality that is quickly expanding. Various shops indeed, have been opened or will soon open in many Italian cities, in Japan and in the USA. A new success of Made in Italy, at your table. www.eataly.it
    Via Nizza 230/14, Torino - Tel: 003901119506801
    Web site
  • Ristorante Del Cambio

    Established in 1757 as a cafè, it was regularly patronized by Count Cavour in his day.
    Piazza Carignano, 2 - Tel: 0039011546690/011543760
    Web site
  • Porto di Savona

    One of the oldest restaurants in Turin, since 1863 it has offered the best of Piedmontese cuisine in a warm, welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere. Signature dishes include “agnolotti” (meat ravioli), Tajarin” (pasta shaped like small tagliatelle), “bollito misto alla Piedmontese” (boiled meat and vegetable stew), braised meats, Piedmontese stir fried specialities and a number of tantalizing desserts, all 100% homemade and 100% Piedmontese.
    Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 2 - Tel: 00390118173500
    Web site
  • Neuv Caval’d Brôns

    Since first kindling its fires in 1948, it has continued to offer a selection of dishes boasting a blend of the old with the new to give life to a series of mouth watering flavours. Its à la carte menu offers a variety of fabulous fish dishes and Piedmontese meats as well as a series of options for vegetarians and those suffering from Celiac’s disease. If you are up for themed dinners, then this is a great place to go. The venue also doubles as a café and pasticceria.
    Piazza San Carlo, 155 - Tel: 0039011539030
    Web site
  • Trattoria Valgranda

    More than a century devoted to DOP cuisine. Its chefs are renowned for their bagna cauda, tajarin with mushrooms, braised beef in barolo, fried specialities, bolliti misti and frogs legs coated in batter.
    Strada Lanzo, 88 - Tel: 00390112264420
    Web site
  • Sotto la Mole

    Despite not being ranked among Turin’s historic restaurants, Sotto la Mole is a “must-visit” restaurant not only because it is located just steps away from the Mole but also because it offers authentic, high quality cuisine, featuring seasonal dishes that vary according to the first fruits on offer. Make sure to book ahead.
    Via Montebello, 9 - Tel: 003901119714366
    Web site

Nightlife & Attractions

Partying until the early hours of the morning in Turin is easy and the city offers innumerable opportunities of night entertainment designed to satisfy all tastes. In fact, Turin dedicates entire districts to nightlife entertainment: the Quadrilatero Romano, with its highly evocative atmosphere, Borgo Dora, Porta Palazzo, San Salvario and the fabulous Murazzi located along the Po River. Turin definitely holds its own when it comes to a night out, and it’s certainly not short of a bar or two….

  • I Murazzi

    When the heat becomes unbearable, the “Torinese” move to Murazzi, the embankment, and one of the city’s trendiest night spots, situated between Ponte Vittorio Emanuele and stretching as far as corso San Maurizio. Beneath the arcades that flank the Po River, originally used as boat sheds, you can find countless clubs and venues where you can spend an evening listening to live music or dancing to the rhythm of trendy DJ sets.
    Web site
  • Quadrilatero Romano

    An antidote to boredom, boasting clubs and venues for all tastes and requirements. Wine bars, taverns, restaurants and cafés, for an evening that can kick off with an aperitif and end with an ice cream or a mouth watering bicerin!
    Web site
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    A vibrant cultural association and a breeding ground of musical talents and comedians, a meeting place offering concerts and performances by emerging or well-known bands and a venue which, on occasion, also offers a number of high brow cultural events. Since 1986, legendary dance club Hiroshima Mon Amour has offered the hip “Torinese” crowd an authentic nightlife experience.
    Via Bossoli, 83 - Tel: 00390113176636
    Web site
  • Cacao

    Set within the green surroundings of Valentino, since 1996, this open-air disco has been a favourite haunt with Turin locals. Cacao is not only about dance. Its innovative sound and lighting systems often acts as a backdrop to live performances by Italian and international artists. When it comes to drinks, customers will be spoilt for choice: in the vicinity of Cacao’s Bar you will also find Bar Caraibico, il Cuervo and ShotBar.
    Viale Ceppi, 6 (Parco del Valentino) - Tel: 00390116502140
    Web site
  • Pick Up

    An historic venue of the Turin movida, patronized by sports and showbiz celebrities. Since 1971, it has offered a mix of great genres for well-attuned ears including: soul, house and chill-out.
    Via Barge, 8 - Tel: 00390114472204
    Web site
  • Life (Former Matilda Fashion)

    Nestling in the heart of Valentino, this is just another of the city’s viby, trendy venues. A sixties-inspired meeting place for university students and fashion conscious hunters of both sexes. Interesting world music is played here!
    Corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 3/a - Tel: 00390116680408
    Web site


Under the arcaded sidewalks of the centre, along via Roma, via Garibaldi, via Maria Vittoria and via Principe Amedeo, shopping in Turin is an experience boasting a slew of surprises!
Stores selling luxury brand labels are concentrated on via Roma while lesser, but no less exciting, wares can be found  in via Garibaldi. Antique lovers and collectors of objet d’art and handcrafted items should head to the area located between via Maria Vittoria and via Principe Amedeo. Top of your “to-do” list should definitely include  a visit to Porta Palazzo.

  • Via Roma

    The luxury shopping precinct par excellence, brimming with the showrooms of world famous designers including Dolce e Gabbana, Armani, Ferragamo and Versace. Also home to internationally renowned sportswear brands.
  • Via Garibaldi

    A slew of shops for a younger crowd, boasting trendy garments at affordable prices. Particularly worthy of note in this area is Joe Inferno which sells Goth-style garments and accessories.
  • Via Maria Vittoria e via Principe Amedeo

    The antique shops in this area welcome aficionados and collectors who will be delighted by the amazing offer of rare items, unique pieces and vintage jewellery.
  • Porta Palazzo

    The oldest market in Europe located in Piazza della Repubblica. Here you can find something for everyone: clothes, shoes, food and household articles. Every Saturday, a characteristic, second-hand market is also held just behind Porta Palazzo.

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